My name is Feliciano Vargas. Otherwise known as Italy, Veneziano, or North Italy! I made this ask blog so that you can find out more about me and being a nation... it can be confusing at times!

This is a multishipping ask blog for Italy/Feliciano from the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers/ Beautiful World! I will answer any questions to the best of my abilities and I will tag everything as best as I can as well! Thanks!

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Execution | Closed | roma-antiqua-vincit-mundum


Romulus continued to push his way through the crowd “I won’t let them do this to you” He exclaimed, rushing until he was at the base of the block “Let him go!”

Feliciano’s eyes widened as he got closer and closer, the man with the axe getting agitated before he grabbed Feli’s head and forced him against the rock, placing his foot at his shoulder blades so he would stay down. Feli yelped in pain and squirmed, trying to get to Rome. “Nonno!!” 

Romulus ran towards the stand where Feliciano was about to be killed. "No please! Mio caro you can't die! Don't do this, get out of it please!" He yelled

Feliciano kept his head bowed down, his arms tied behind his back. The fight had been beaten out of him earlier and the bruises and scrapes that littered his body showed that. Currently the Italian was on his knees, a large stone slab in front of him that was stained crimson with the blood of his brother from earlier. 

The humans had found out about the personifications and had been scared of them, thinking that they were unholy and that they were the spawn of satan. And when they found that hanging didn’t work to kill them, nor did drowning or poison, they opted for a more permanent solution — beheading. 

And that was what Veneziano was waiting for now, waiting for the axe to come flying through the air. But then he heard his nonno and startled, looking quickly to him. Tears were streaming down his face and they only increased seeing the panic on Rome’s. “Nonno run!” he shouted, “Please I don’t want them to get you too!!” 

My character is about to be executed. How does your character say goodbye?

I’m a cute bun bun!

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Buona Pasqua!! 

[Happy Easter]

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[I swear I’m alive, I’ve just been super busy. unu]

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France: He ran into my sword
France: He ran into my sword ten times
HRE: *dead*
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